Being underweight is harmful to health as well as being overweight. Although there has been an increase in obesity in recent years, there are also many people who have the problem of not gaining weight.

A person's body weight is determined by the number of calories consumed, depending on the energy used by the body. If we get the right amount of calories, this means that consumption and energy use will be balanced and our weight will remain the same.

In contrast, if we consume too many calories, the body stores excess as fat and results in weight gain. If we consume too little, the body needs to use it from its own stores to get the energy it needs, which causes weight loss.

What is a Weakness?

Body mass index (BMI) below 18.5 is defined as a weakness. It means having less than the body mass required to maintain optimal health.

What are the Causes of Weakness?

· Inadequate food intake

· Excessive physical activity

· Digestion and absorption problems

· Eating disorders

· Hyperthyroidism

· Celiac disease

· Cancer

· Some infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS

What are the Health Problems Caused by Weakness?