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Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs as a result of insufficient insulin secretion of the pancreas and / or impairment of the use of insulin hormone in the body. The most effective way to control diabetes is individualized medical nutrition therapy. 


Diabetes Nutrition Counseling: 

If you are diabetic (Type 1 or Type 2), your diabetic nutrition program is prepared according to the evaluation of your nutritional status by conducting an examination in the Individual Nutrition Consultancy in order to arrange your medical nutrition treatment together with the medication you take under the control of your physician, your insulin doses, test results. After that, your blood sugar will be monitored, your food consumption records, your body analysis and your treatment process will be followed. 


Nutrition program in diabetic individuals; 

  •  Hunger and satiety blood sugar 

  •  The type and dosage of oral antidiabetic drugs in the treatment 

  •  Types and doses of insulin therapy 

  •  Carbohydrate count training 

  •  Providing blood sugar regulation according to exercise 

  •  Diabetic nutrition education 

  •  Diabetic nutrition program specific to special days is followed. 


Pre-Diabetes Nutrition Counseling: 

Pre-diabetes period; 

  •  Impaired fasting glucose (If fasting glucose level is 100-125 mg / dl) 

  •  Impaired glucose tolerance 

  •  Reactive Hypoglycemia (decrease in postprandial blood glucose) 

  •  Includes insulin resistance (if fasting insulin level> 10 or HOMA-IR> 2.7). 


The aim of pre-diabetic nutritional counseling is to provide blood glucose level and insulin hormone balance; To make healthy eating a lifestyle by targeting a nutrition program that provides body weight, fat mass and body fat distribution. Therefore, according to your medical condition, your food consumption will be evaluated together with your body measurement results and planned targets will be achieved. 

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