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Kidney Diseases and Nutrition

The kidney is one of our organs responsible for the disposal of waste in the body. The deterioration in the filtration function of the kidney and the increase of urea level in the blood as a result of this impairment is defined as kidney disease.

The deterioration in kidney functions is determined by blood and urine tests. The diagnosis of kidney failure is made by measuring the kidney size and determining the condition that causes kidney failure.

Damage to the kidneys in the past can develop without any symptoms until kidney failure occurs.

If the causes and symptoms of kidney diseases are known, kidney failure can be prevented in the future by getting help from healthcare professionals.


The residual substances that come out during the metabolism of the food we eat are largely excreted by our kidneys. In diseases where the filtration process in the kidneys is interrupted, we need to pay special attention to our food. The foods we take put a certain metabolic load on our bodies.

In kidney diseases, it is very important to plan the diet individually, depending on the age, height, amount of protein needed, body weight, and kidney function, but in general;

· Excessive consumption of milk, egg, meat group products that will burden the kidney

· Food with unknown ingredients

· Canned food, pickles, pickles, pepperoni, bacon, sausage

· Salt and salty foods

· Nuts, dried fruits

· Chocolate

· Meat Water

· Soft drinks, coffee, cocoa, boza

· Tahini, molasses, tahini halva

· Banana melon

· Legumes, bulgur, corn

· Potato

It may be necessary to limit foods such as.


· Since kidney patients have to have limited nutrition, foods should not lose their nutritional properties during cooking.

· It is more beneficial to apply the scalding method instead of cooking with the frying method.

· If there is a potassium limitation, the first boiling water is poured while the vegetables are cooked. Thus, potassium intake is reduced.

· Food should be cooked in an easily digestible way.

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