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Our aim with nutritional counseling in the process of obesity, namely bariatric surgery; 

  •  To reduce the risk of complications by ensuring the patient to enter the operation in the most prepared way 

  •  To ensure successful weight loss after surgery 

  •  Avoiding vitamin / mineral deficiencies caused by dietary restriction and possible absorption problems 

  •  Preventing muscle mass loss by ensuring adequate intake of nutrients 

  •  Be able to apply nutritional changes in the new lifestyle 

  •  It is to prevent weight gain again. 


Eligibility criteria for Obesity Surgery operations; 

  •  BMI> 40 

  •  Having 2 concomitant diseases associated with obesity (BMI> 35) (diabetes, hypertension, apnea and other respiratory disorders, non-alcoholic fatty liver, osteoarthritis, lipid disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, heart diseases, etc.) 

  •  Frequent and unsuccessful diets in the past 

  •  In addition to these criteria, individuals' psychological health, willingness and suitability to adapt to the postoperative process are also among the important criteria. 


Obesity surgery is performed on individuals with different methods, and the method to be applied to which patient is selected by the bariatric surgery team (surgeon, specialist physicians, dietician, psychologist) in line with the patient's decision. 

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