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Corporate nutrition consultancy is a healthy nutrition education service used in many companies. This training program includes nutrition counseling of employees and managers, correct weight management, healthy cuisine, nutrition consultancy for sports, healthy menu selection and purchasing, dietician service in the company and special training programs and seminars. 

Healthy eating depends on the right choices in all areas of life. Corporate nutrition consultancy is an important investment for employees to live healthily. 


Healthy nutrition strengthens the productivity of employees and managers, success and motivation in the company. Nutrition counseling suggests weight, special nutrition and diet training, purchasing food for the kitchen, healthy eating recommendations. However, many studies show that employees who receive corporate nutrition consultancy services have better loyalty in the company. 


When our corporate nutrition consultancy services start in the company; 

  •  The ratio of healthy employees starts to increase with the recommendations followed by the nutritionist. 

  •  The rate of employees absent from work due to illness decreases. 

  •  Corporate nutrition consultancy increases the productivity of the employees. 

  •  Healthy nutrition and successful diet trainings create an advantage in a decrease in health expenditures and related insurance share and policy purchasing. 

  •  Depending on the correct menu planning training, the waste generated in the kitchen is reduced and the purchase profit. 

  •  Workplace accidents due to healthy weight loss can be reduced with nutrition counseling and special diet. 

  •  In-group communication increases with motivating suggestions for sports and special nutrition counseling. 


Why Is Corporate Nutrition Consultancy Important With Us? 


With our Healthy Nutrition consultancy services, you can protect and improve the health of your employees, increase their productivity and performance, and prevent possible job losses. 

The fact that your employees are constantly getting tired or constantly complaining of weakness may be wrong diet, unhealthy diet, iron deficiency, unbalanced blood sugar during the day, excessive weight gain or sleep apnea due to weight gain. These problems will affect the health of the employees and thus their performance. Solution to success; To protect the health of employees and to increase their productivity with healthy nutrition recommendations and training services. Corporate nutrition consultancy comes into play here. 


Our services also include nutritional consultancy to create food purchasing, culinary education program and healthy menu. Nutrition counseling does not only deal with weight loss success and diet, but also provides training according to special nutritional conditions for a higher quality nutrition for each individual. 


Nutrition counseling and dietician services are specially planned for the success and productivity of the busy manager, and it is aimed to create a new diet and diet style by covering their travels and supporting the comfort of work. 


Menu Consulting: 


With Menu Consultancy, we provide consultancy for the planning of healthy menus suitable for the sector that companies such as corporate companies, restaurants, cafes, schools and kindergartens serve, and suitable for the needs of the institution and consumer preferences. 


With menu consultancy; 

  •  Planning monthly or rotating menus 

  •  Determining and reporting company needs 

  •  Calculation of calorie and nutritional content of menus 

  •  Cooperation is made with the company on the creation of healthy and alternative recipes. 


Product Consultancy: 

With Product Consultancy, we provide professional dietician consultancy services for the development, scientific research and promotion of healthy products in various sectors such as food / beverage, sports supplements, nutritional supplements. 

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