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Our aim in Pregnancy Period Nutrition Counseling; 

  •  Ensuring that the baby is nourished enough and catches the normal development stages 

  •  To ensure that the mother is healthy and maintains her body stores; Nausea, vomiting, constipation, loss of appetite or increased appetite, excess weight gain, gestational diabetes (gestational diabetes), etc. that may occur during pregnancy. to take control of their health condition. 


Gestational Diabetes Nutrition Counseling: 

Gestational diabetes (gestational sugar), 24-28. It is a disease that is diagnosed by performing OGTT (Sugar Loading Test) at 3 weeks and usually disappears after birth. Rapid weight gain, irregular and unbalanced nutrition, insufficient physical activity during pregnancy are risk factors and must be controlled with medical nutrition therapy for the health of the mother and baby. The purpose of nutritional therapy is to ensure the normal development of the baby, to ensure the protection of the mother's body stores and to regulate blood sugar. 

In Gestational Diabetes Nutrition Counseling, your food consumption record, blood glucose measurements, your baby's development status, healthy weight gain, constipation, iron deficiency, nausea, etc. Your nutritional problems during pregnancy are followed. 

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