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In Sports Nutrition Consultancy, consultancy services are provided in accordance with the branch of the athlete, training and competition period, body fat / muscle structure, medical condition and individual habits. Counseling is aimed at elite athletes, fitness, football players and athletes in other sports. Scientific studies show that an athlete's athletic performance, endurance and concentration increases when they eat an adequate and balanced diet; supports that the rate of illness and sports injuries has decreased. 

Therefore, in sports nutrition consultancy; 

  • Training period nutrition program

  •  Competition period nutrition program 

  • Nutrition program during recovery period 

  • Regulation of the use of nutritional ergogenic supplements (protein powder, amino acid, creatine, carbohydrate, energy bars and gels etc.) 

  • Weight control for professional athletes 

  • Nutrition program for muscle gain 

  • Fluid / hydration planning 

  • Consultancy is provided on carbohydrate loading programs. 


Nutrition Consultancy for Exercise; 

In Exercise-Oriented Nutrition Consultancy, individuals who make regular exercise a lifestyle for a healthy life, in addition to sports activities such as swimming, cycling, running, walking, kickboxing, body fat according to resistance exercise programs such as pilates, zumba, functional training, yoga. Target-oriented healthy nutrition program is planned in accordance with / muscle balance and nutritional / living habits of the individual. 

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