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The aim of Individual Nutrition Consultancy is to increase your quality of life by evaluating your medical history, social life, physical activity, nutritional status, body analysis, and finding the right and permanent solutions to your current health problems and / or nutrition or body composition goals. 

When coming to the interview, you should have all the medical tests you have done in the last 6 months with you. If you do not have any tests performed, I will determine the necessary tests for you after our interview and direct them to the relevant branch physician according to your disease risks. 

Your body analysis will give us information about your health condition and ideal body composition. Our goal in nutrition counseling will be to progress in a permanent, healthy and motivational way. We will achieve our goals by planning together our nutritional program for your nutritional and medical condition, your daily social life, and your nutritional-related psychological state. 


By meeting regularly weekly, we ensure that you complete this process without getting bored and overwhelmed, learning the consciousness of healthy nutrition and with pleasure. 


Nutrition Consultancy for Weight Loss: 


Being obese or slightly obese impairs quality of life; diabetes, heart disease, immune system, cancer, etc. It is an important health problem that causes the emergence of chronic diseases, especially. In Nutrition Counseling for Slimming, the body weight, body fat ratio, fat amount, regional fat distribution, tissue health, metabolic age goals and the process to achieve these goals are determined together with the client by conducting an Individual Nutrition Consultancy meeting. 


Nutritional Consultancy for Weight Gain: 

Gaining weight can sometimes be harder than losing weight. To gain weight, it is necessary to follow the nutrition program regularly and consistently. If your body weight according to height, that is, your BMI value, is lower than 18.5, it means you are underweight. Weakness can cause health problems associated with the lack of energy stores in the body, low muscle mass, low vitamin and mineral levels, and the immune system becoming vulnerable. For this reason, the underlying reasons for not gaining weight should be examined and a normal and healthy body weight should be targeted with a special nutrition program and nutritional supplements that can be given when necessary. 

In nutritional counseling for weight gain, Individual Nutrition Counseling steps are respectively evaluated and your weight gains are followed up with regular controls. 

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