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What is Reflux?

Reflux (esophagitis) is the irritation of the esophageal mucosa and ulcers in the future as a result of the food returning to the stomach and moving towards the esophagus and escaping. In addition, the poor emptying of the stomach or a narrowing in the gastric outlet that prevents the stomach from emptying causes reflux. In overweight individuals, as a result of the excessive amount of fat outside the abdomen and the stomach, pressure on the stomach increases, and the backward leakage of food becomes more in question.

What Are the Symptoms of Reflux?

The most important symptom is a burning sensation in the stomach after eating. It is generally felt within 30-60 minutes after a meal and increases with lying down. Typical symptoms include a burning sensation in the stomach, persistent hiccups, bad breath, loss of enamel in the teeth, cough, and chest pain. Pain may also be symptomatic of sour stomach contents coming to the mouth spontaneously.

People with reflux should pay attention to:

· Foods such as dark tea, coffee, chocolate, garlic, onion, mint should not be consumed. The consumption of caffeine-containing foods should be minimized.

· It should be fed less and less frequently, eating too much food at once or staying hungry for a long time should be avoided.

· A diet with high protein content and low-fat content should be followed.

· Fluid intake should be reduced while eating, and liquid should be taken between meals.

· Foods that are too hot or too cold should not be consumed.

· Fatty foods such as cream, cream, mayonnaise, butter, margarine should be avoided.

· Hot spices, carbonated drinks, tomatoes, citrus fruits, alcohol and

· smoking should not be.

Measures for daily life:

· It is necessary not to lie down or lie down for at least 2-3 hours after meals.

· The headboard of the bed can be raised 15 cm and the appropriate position can be taken.

· Chewing gum should be avoided. Air swallowed while chewing gum can cause burping and more reflux. It should also be known that chewing gum can have a positive effect by increasing the amount of saliva.

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