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Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Fats are one of the basic nutrients our body needs. In addition, we get the most energy from fats in the food groups. Oils also have different benefits according to many varieties and types. One of these oils is fish oil, omega-3 fatty acids.

What is omega-3?

· Omega-3 is one of the most important unsaturated fatty acids that cannot be produced by the body and taken from the outside.

· It is divided into two as EPA and DHA.

· These oils are polyunsaturated fatty acids with different structures.

Why it matters?

1. Studies have proven that omega-3 consumption reduces the risk of heart disease.

2. It has a positive effect on the treatment of depression.

3. If used during pregnancy, it contributes to the brain and eye development of the baby.

4. Consumption of omega-3 is important for younger skin and shiny hair.

5. It helps prevent Alzheimer's disease.

6. It is extremely important for the brain and eye health of children and adults too.

7. It is useful in the prevention and management of diabetes.

8. It has many positive effects on liver health.

Foods Rich in Omega-3

· Especially oily fish such as mackerel, tone, salmon, sardines living in cold waters and trout living in the lake have omega-3.

· All seafood is more beneficial for health as they contain less fat and saturated fat than red meat and chicken.

· Therefore, consuming fish regularly also helps to lower blood cholesterol levels.

· Walnuts and purslane are also a good source of omega-3.

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