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The immune system is our body's defense system. It protects us against harmful microorganisms and diseases that enter our bodies from outside. Our immune system works non-stop during the day. However, sometimes our support may be required. Strengthening the immune system and increasing body resistance reduces the risk of developing diseases. What can we do to strengthen our immune system?

Eat Adequate and Balanced Nutrition

The immune system is complex and there is no single and miraculous way to strengthen it. One of the foundations of a strong immune system is adequate and balanced and nutrition. Complying with a diet rich only in vitamins and minerals is not enough for a strong immune system. Because the system's strongness also depends on the amount of protein taken, essential fatty acids, carbohydrate, that is, a balanced diet. So if you don't consume enough protein, your body may be weak against infections. Therefore, to strengthen immunity, we should eat a balanced diet instead of eating only some foods.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are important in the immune system, as well as being part of a balanced diet.

· Vitamin C and Vitamin E are also very powerful antioxidants that protect your body from infections. Winter fruits such as orange, tangerine, grapefruit, kiwi, Spinach, bell pepper, Brussels sprouts are among the foods that are a source of vitamin C. Almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and hazelnuts are also rich in vitamin E.

· Vitamin B6, which has many biochemical effects in the body, also plays a role in the functioning of your immune system. Foods with high vitamin B6; banana, chicken breast, tuna, baked potato, and chickpeas.

· Studies have found that the level of folic acid is directly proportional to the production of antibodies.

· Folic acid is mostly found in cereals, green leafy vegetables, dried legumes.

· Apart from these, minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin D, other B group vitamins, selenium, zinc, iron also play an important role in supporting the immune system.


Among the foods that strengthen immunity, the most important is ginger. It helps to protect the liver. It has been reported to have a cholesterol-lowering effect, however, it helps to strengthen the immune system.


It has anti-inflammatory properties that play a role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and lowering cholesterol. Thus, it supports our immune system. You can consume turmeric soups by adding them to your meat and chicken dishes. It has been reported that the absorption of turmeric is higher when consumed together with black pepper.


These friendly bacteria that protect our body against harmful bacteria and help prevent infections also strengthen immunity. Consumption of foods containing probiotics is gaining importance especially in season passes when body resistance is broken and in the winter months to strengthen the immune system. It is found naturally in fermented milk and dairy products or other fermented foods and beverages, it is also used as a 'supplement' (powder and tablet). Yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut are probiotics that you can easily add to your diet.

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